I can’t tell you how often I hear people say they are going to get in shape first then train to get their ultimate results.  This seems silly to me.  Most people have very finite time that they are willing to part with to learn something new.  Unless you are Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting” who has a photographic memory and learns extremely fast.

Sadly I am not and I am guessing you aren’t either.  You are not going to spend the time reading and memorizing all those books at the library.  Why not learn the right way the first time, get a coach an instructor a professor!

So what works and what doesn’t?  The Short answer “everything works” the long answer “Everything works, BUT”. Let me elaborate on the Big BUT, and I cannot lie!

Sorry couldn’t help it.

Follow anything that is different and you will see changes plain and simple.  What happens when that different stimulus isn’t enough anymore.  You push the gas pedal down and extra 20%, you go 20% faster no more no less.  When you let go, your forward progress slows and finally stops.  This is essentially dieting and the average gym goers new years resolution exercise regimen.  The effort is there and results happen but after that initial push nothing else comes about and we fall back into old habits.

Are you putting that effort and not seeing anything further happen with your diet or exercise regimen?

Has your lifestyle changed?

Has your thinking and beliefs changed?

You may think that getting into shape is easy, for some it is.  Unfortunately most of us have to undo years of damage to systems throughout the body that may need to be reset and fixed.

Are you eating a certain way because you want to or because you have to?

Forced change is much harder to maintain.  It is much easier when you understand why you are making a change and because of that understanding you make the right choice for that change.

I have so much to say about these subjects and how they intertwine to me.  That wouldn’t do you much good though.  I really want to go the direction you want me to.  Please respond with some of your personal hurdles and difficulties with health and fitness and the next post will be to answer your specific questions.  If you can’t think of specifics then I challenge you to answer these questions.

My questions to you.  Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  What is hindering you on achieving that goal?

I will answer each bluntly and truthfully, pulling no punches, but will not share who asked what question.  I am not in the business of hurting feelings, I am in the business of helping people reach their maximum potential.